“Discover How You Can Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000 And Turn It Into 6 to 7 Figure Earning Within Few Month From now... ”

Using your Mobile phone, Facebook and Whatsapp account to control and manage your business.

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 From the desk of David Akanbi

Dear friend,

Are you unemployed?

Do you want to learn how to make money online?

Are you looking for Business you can do online to supplement your well being?


If you answer Yes to any of this questions then…

I will take you by hand and show you step by step methods you can use to start Importation business from scratch, and turn it to profitable business guaranteed of earning you 6 to 7 figures monthly.

What I am about to show you will sock you, just ensure you read this entire letter.

You will get to know secrets top Importers are hiding from you within few minutes of reading this content.

Who am I and why you should listen to me

I’m not here to talk about myself; I’m here to show you the right business you can do online that guaranty sustainable income and profitable business.

Well at least I need to say something about myself in case of people who don’t know me.

My name is David Akanbi I’m a freelancer, Importer, Internet marketer and website developer, I have been working online for more than 5 years now so I know the right business to do.

I have lay my hand on so many internet business courses, bought ebooks and videos online but all these course didn't earn me huge profit until I started learning importation business, is not that easy when I started because I'm doing it base on try and error, fortunate for me I see the right mentor who take me by hand and reveal where I can buy cheap product from china and resell here in Nigeria for huge profit.

I normally use Aliexpress to order my products until I came across Chinese website cheaper than Aliexpress, Dhgate, Alibaba and others, this website offer varieties of products.

I save more money buying from this secret website, let me tell you one secret about this website and Aliexprees with proof, most seller on Aliexpress buy products from this website and resell  on Aliexpress for huge profit, check the picture below you will understand what am talking about.

the same product with the same quality sell high on Aliexpress, but very cheap on this Chinese website.

Let talk about the price, as you can see above this product sell  on Aliexpress for $10 which is #3,610  and sell on this secret website for ¥8.50 which is #488.11.

you can use Google to confirm the exchange rate.

 I am sure you would prefer this website than Aliexpress, because the same product with the same quality you get it cheaper and save you more money to run your business.

check another product below

 This is car scanner,  the buyer on Aliexpress sell it for $6.92 which is #2,498.12 and sell on this secret website for ¥13.00 which is #746.52.

let me ask you which of these websites you will order your product from, is it from Aliexpress or the other website?

The decision is yours

This this one of the secrets some Importers are hiding from you, but fortunate for you I'm  ready to reveal everything to you, if you are ready to take massive action.

Don't be too smart and start searching online about this site, the website is completely in Chinese language, but there is a means of using Chinese logistic companies who has office here in Nigeria to help you book for your product and ship  it to you within 2 to 5 days.

 The interesting part is you will even have access to their details and Whatsapp number to discuss about your order, this is another secret other importers are hiding from you.

 That is why I am here for you… 

Continue reading to find out how you can get started


What are the procedures to follow to start and making money from Importation business?

Source for Hot in demand product

Import the product

Facebook ads does the selling

Delivery and I repeat the process again and again.


Simple process Right?

This is the break down

firstly, I will source for hot in demand product that solve people problem, I will visit this Chinese website cheaper than Aliexpress and Alibaba, look for quality product with cheaper price and copy the product link and send it to the Logistic company to book my order, within 3 to 5 days the parcel will arrive Nigeria.

I pick up the parcel to the delivery company here in Nigeria.

this is where you will turn your Facebook account into money making machine; Facebook is the biggest social media site that has million of people who are ready to buy your product. Facebook has different ad objectives that you can use to target the right audience who are ready to buy what you are selling,  anytime I put up ad the order flow in, people will start contacting me on Facebook and Whatsapp.

once I get an order I will forward my customer details to the delivery company, within 2 days they will deliver my product to my customer and remit my bank account.

I repeat this process again and again......

This Business is not for you if:

You think you need millions of Naira to start this business

You will make millions overnight without doing the necessary things.

You are not ready to put in the effort

You think making money online or importation business is not real.


hear what my students are saying about me and my course


Why I prefer this site?

  • Products are cheaper

  • Save money

  • Easy to access

  • Quality product

  • Easy means of delivery

If you don’t follow the right step by step instructions then you will be leaving the money on the table and it will take you months or years to get result or you won’t get any result and you will end up quitting.

Are you ready to follow the right instructions that guaranty result?

I am sure you will Say Yes I am ready!!!

Good of you….

What of if I show you ebook and video course you can read, watch, learn and Implement the strategies I am using since all these days, would you mind getting this course to save you time, money and stress?

I am sure you will be interested right?


 I have created powerful and comprehensive ebook and video guide that reveal the right way you can learn and start Mini Importation from scratch and start making money within few weeks of implement these ideas.


I present to you


Ecom Cash System (ECS)

Step by step guide on how to start importation business with less than #20,000 and grow it up to 7 to 8 figure monthly.

 These are the things you will learn

  Introduction to Mini importation Business

Products sourcing; methods you can use to source for hot in Demand products

How you can order product less than #500 and sell it for #8500 to #10,000 or more

List of HOT in demand products

You will get to know this secret website cheaper than Aliexpress and co.

You will have access to the Logistic companies that can help you book your order and deliver your product within 3 to 5 days, you will have access to their office details in Nigeria, and whatsapp number to book your order.

How you can pay the logistic company in Naira without any problem, you don't need paypal or payoneer to make payment

List of best Nigeria delivery companies, if you don't use the right delivery company, don't be surprise they can send your back to village, you will see list of the best delivery companies you can partner with to ensure successful delivery.

You will discover how you can store you product with any of these delivery companies without you staying in Lagos state, any time you have an order you will forward the details of your customer to them and they will help you deliver the products to your customer, which they will remit the money into your bank account.   

List of videos you can use to promote your products that ensure conversion and sales.

Marketing techniques; you will learn the best means of promoting your product online that guarantee sales. like Facebook ad, ecommerce website, email marketing, etc.

Facebook ad; you will  learn how you can use Facebook to promote your product using the right Facebook ad objective.

How you can sell your product on Jumia, Konga and Dealdey.

You will learn how you can use your normal Facebook, and Whatsapp account to control and manage your business.

You will also learn how you can edit the video you will use to sell your products

How you can deal with Delivery company to deliver 85% to 95% of your product. 

And Much more.


Bonus 1: Amazon and ebay importation course



This course will show you step by step guide on how you can import product from USA companies (amazon and ebay) direct to your home address. Value: #10,000

Bonus 2: Facebook ad video course

Step by step Video course you can use to reach the right audience and sell your products within 2 to 5 days. Value: #10,000

Bonus 3: Camtasia studio

you can use this software to create video tutorial, recording your screen and edit video. Value:$99

Bonus 4: My Whatsapp Mastermind Group

This group is about importation business, you will have access to other successful importer, hot in demand product, best delivery companies, marketing strategies, gain idea from expert etc. Value: #10,000

Bonus 5: 1 Year Mentorship

I would take you by hand and show you the right way to start, run and make money from Mini Importation business, latest marketing ideas, sourcing for hot in demand product.

I would support you till you understand this business and make your first millions of Naira from this business, any time you have issue with your business it will be very easier for you to reach me and solve your problem. Value: #20,000

Bonus 6: Paypal openning and verification Guide Value: #10,000

You will learn step by step process on how you can open and verify paypal account that can receive and send payment.

Bonus 7: Instagram Marketing Course

This course you show you how you can promote or sell your product using instagram, both in free and using paid advert.

selling product online using instagram is hot and effective, it will increase your sales massively, you will learn strategies Nigeria big brand and company use to sell their product using instagram Value: #7500.

Bonus 8: Youtube Marketing Course

This course you show you how you can promote or sell your product using youtube video ad, both in free and using paid advert.

selling product online using Youtube is hot and effective, it will increase your sales massively, you will learn strategies Nigeria big brand and companies are using to sell their product on youtube Value: #10,000.


Bonus 8: WordPress Video Training

You will learn how you can create a website with WordPress to sell your product online, it is comprehensive video that will guide you through all the steps to set it up Value: #10,000.

I wonder if ... you are already realizing how important this can be for you and how it would change your life?

Hear what People are saying about me and my course


I must confess This is a wonderfully composed and straight forward Importation guide.

I have definitely go through this guide and is whaoooo! The best have ever seen.

I totally recommend this guide to everyone either starters or advanced importer.

Mr. Femi Ezekiel



Mr. David is one of the best internet marketer I have ever work with, he is hard working and trustworthy.
if you are truly looking for the best importer to take your hand and show you how you can make consistence income, Mr. David is the right coach for you.
listen to him and you will never ever regret it.

Mr. Johnson Afolami




Mr. David is one of my best student, he is reliable and trust worthy.

 If you care to know how he is make money online, I will advise you to follow and listen to him. he will surely show you the right things to do step by step to accomplish your dream.

just take massive action

Mr. Peter Effiong

CEO www.naijacreditcards.com


If you are looking for the right Importation course that you can learn from to start making money, Ecom Cash System is the right video course for you.

I am also an importer so I know what it entails to make money, you need good mentor who can show you the right product you can venture into to start profiting from it.

 Now you find the right Tutor to take you through the process.

Don't miss use this opportunity, take massive action now, do what he ask you to do at the end you will rejoice and say thanks to God I took the right decision.

Tobi Ogunlade




The above proofs show that people are getting result using my course to import products from china and get it deliver to their home address here in Nigeria without any problem.

you can also join us now.

so  Mr. David, how do I get started?

What's Your Investment In This Guide?

If you’re still reading then you must clearly see the value in 
Ecom Cash System and the 9 free but powerful bonuses that comes with it and how they can transform your life.

So what’s it going to cost you?

Well as you probably know right now some people are spending tens of thousands of Naira for creams, data, show, un-necessary things.

With the amount of money you use to buy data plan you can use it to change your life.

And most of the time these so called “Importer Guru” don’t know half of what is taught in the 
Ecom Cash System video course.

Now the full value of 
Ecom Cash System and the bonuses is more than N50,000.

But don’t worry...

You’re not going to pay N20,000 for 
Ecom Cash System and the 
5 exclusive bonuses...

You’re not even going to pay N15,000...

You’re not even going to pay  N10,000!

When you invest in 
Ecom Cash System you’ll be paying less than N7,000 for the fast action takers

Therefore, the Price of 
Ecom Cash System is simply just  N4,999.

This video course is 2 in one package. In it I would show you how to generate mad-ass traffic from Facebook that would make you as much as 200,000 naira in pure profits in the next 30 days.


Normally, if you are to attend separate seminars to learn these 2 underground inner circle secrets, it would cost you about 20,000 naira each.


That would be 40,000 naira for the two. For a fleeting moment I thought of breaking this video into three and selling them separately. But guess what, I won't be doing that - I’ve decided to package all this and give it to you at a price of One. So instead of paying N40,000 for these  videos. All you need to do to get your hands on this super packaged video is to pay Just 4,999 Naira.


This video course costs just 4,999 Naira. Which is exactly the price of 1 T-shirt . One thing about your T-shirt  is that it's going to wear off and tear. But this course would PERMANENTLY change your life. Which is a better decision? buying a couple of T-shirt you would have to dump one day or buying this guide you would benefit from the rest of your life. That decision is up to you

Yes, for just N4,999 ONLY  for the first 10 people after 10 people order for this mini importation course I will increase the price to #7000, so act fast to take advantage of this early bird price. you'll learn everything you need to start making money as Mini importer.


Here's How To Order

To take advantage of this special offer, pay just N4,999 ONLY into any branch of GT bank in Nigeria using the bank details below:

Note: You may also do online transfers using online banking services.

Bank Name - GTBank
Account Name - Akanbi David
Account Number - 012-186-5855

After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to
Akanbidavid05(at)Gmail.com Replace (AT) with @ or 08130316979. The subject of the email should be "
Ecom Cash System video course".
The payment details you are to send are:

Your Full Name
The products paid for
Teller number
Amount paid
Phone Number
Date of payment
Your email address
Bank paid Into

As soon as your payment is confirmed, the Video course that you paid for will be sent into your email box so that you can download them and start applying the techniques right away.

N.B: This Video Ecom Cash System is Not in Hard Copies. It's only available as digital copies that will be delivered as email download to your email inbox.

You can only get it from this website.


Before I conclude this message, I want to add this. In the unlikely event that these materials did not work for you, I have a strong guarantee to back it up. This is to show you how convinced I'm that this program will work for you.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your video purchase, simply notify me within 5 years and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Why I am so generous?

Because I want this for you... I want you to experience the incredible power that comes from being able to make money online, and if I have to put myself out and bear the risk on your self so you can at least just try it out? I will gladly you do just that.

All you have to do is follow the instruction above to make payment.

Thanks to my Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!


Q: How many numbers of times can one import at first?

A: It depend on your budget, I mean d money u want to use to start, U can import as many times you want as long as u have d money

Q: I want to know how the delivery to customers are done?

A: There are many delivery companies in Nigeria you can partner with. Is not necessary you see your product or you deliver it buy your self, you can do drop shipping or delivery which means u will partner with a delivery company here in Nigeria any time your product arrive you will contact d delivery company to collect and store your product in their office, so once u have an order you will contact your delivery company and they will deliver it on your behalf
And remit your account after successful delivery.

Q: will I pay them for the delivery?

A: Your customers we pay but you will add the delivery fee to your product price
If u want to sell your product for 5k and delivery fee is 1k you will tag your product 6k.

Q: How much do this couriers charge for delivery?

A: It depend on the courier you choose, some charge 1k or less within Lagos, outside Lagos 1500 to 2500 they charge base on location and distance to Lagos, you will confirm from the delivery company their charges and you add it to your product price.
they will collect their charges from the payment and remit your bank account.

Q: The company that import the goods to you are they trust worthy? Won't they eat your money when you want to import in large quantities?

A: No, I and my students have been using them several times And Others importers use them often

Q: So if I pay for your package will you connect me with the agents?

A: Yes, all you need to know are in the course.

Q: How will I receive my package after payment?

A: it is digital course, you will receive it with your email address.


David Akanbi
Call 08130316979, WhatsApp: 09038194165
Calls restricted from 9am - 9pm Monday - Saturday ONLY!

PS -
Remember that this incredible offer will put your self - esteem through the roof is only for LIMITED TIME and maybe tomorrow you no longer have at that price, I guarantee you will not find anywhere as complete and effective as this guide.

P.P.S. -- This Video course will be sold for #7000. Take advantage of the introductory price of just #4,999 now for the first 10 people.  "Buy it NOW before it's gone" off... so act fast!

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.